The Colossian Forum: Reframing the Faith & Science Conversation

For the past year I’ve been quietly involved with a start-up organization called The Colossian Forum. Rooted in the conviction that “all things hold together in Christ,” The Colossian Forum aims to help the church grapple with issues that often cause tension and dissension within the body of Christ. In particular, we’re focused on helping the church to be equipped to work through debates and disagreements at the intersection of faith and science.

However, our approach is different than other organizations in this ballpark. We are not a conduit of scientific information, nor do we have a stake in any particular “position” (say, on issues of creation and evolution). Rather, The Colossian Forum is focused on the spade work needed to help the church be able to have such conversations. Our task is not to provide information to settle a debate; instead, we want to foster formation in the requisite virtues of compassion, patience, humility, and charity so that the church can be a people who have such debates well–so that we can grapple with potentially divisive issues in a way that does not compromise the unity of the body of Christ, precisely because out witness is tied to our unity.
In addition, The Colossian Forum aims to reframe the Christian theological heritage as a resource rather than a liability in such conversations. We see the tradition as a gift, not a millstone, when it comes to grappling with such issues–and we believe the theological wisdom of the tradition is uniquely “carried” in the worship and practices of the ecclesia.
I’ll say more about The Colossian Forum over the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, I invite you to explore our new website and watch this short film that introduces the mission and vision of TCF:

Colossian Trailer – Nov 2011 from The Colossian Forum on Vimeo.