How to Inhabit Time

Understanding the Past, Facing the Future, Living Faithfully Now

Many Christians are disconnected from the past or imagine they are “above” history, immune to it, as if self-starters from clean slates in every generation. They suffer from a lack of awareness of time and the effects of history—both personal and collective—and thus are naive about current issues and fixated on the end times.

Popular speaker and award-winning author James K. A. Smith shows that awakening to the spiritual significance of time is crucial for orienting faith in the 21st century. He encourages us to cultivate the spiritual discipline of memento tempori, a temporal awareness of the Spirit’s presence—indebted to a past, oriented toward the future, and faithful in the present. To gain spiritual appreciation for our mortality. To synchronize our heart-clocks with the tempo of the Spirit, which changes in the different seasons of life. Integrating popular culture, biblical exposition, and meditation, Smith provides insights for pastoring, counseling, spiritual formation, politics, and public life.


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On the Road with Saint Augustine - Book Cover

On The Road With Saint Augustine

A Real-World Spirituality for Restless Hearts

On the Road with Saint Augustine offers a fresh articulation of Christianity that speaks to our deepest hungers, fears, and hopes. Addressing believers and skeptics alike, this book shows how Augustine’s timeless wisdom speaks to the worries and struggles of contemporary life, covering such wide-ranging topics as ambition, sex, friendship, freedom, parenthood, and death.


– ★ Publishers Weekly starred review
– One of the Top 100 Books and One of the FIVE Best Books in Religion for 2019, Publishers Weekly
– Christianity Today 2020 Book Award Winner
– Outreach 2020 Resource of the Year (Spiritual Growth)
– Foreword INDIES 2019 Honorable Mention for Religion


You Are What You Love

The Spiritual Power of Habit

Who and what we worship fundamentally shape our hearts. We may not realize, however, the ways our hearts are taught to love rival gods instead of the One for whom we were made. And while we desire to shape culture, we are not often aware of how culture shapes us. In You Are What You Love, popular speaker and award-winning author James K. A. Smith helps us recognize the formative power of culture and the transformative possibilities of Christian practices.


– ★ Publishers Weekly starred review
– Christianity Today 2017 Book Award Winner
– 2017 Martin Institute and Dallas Willard Center Book Award
– Bronze Award Winner, ECPA (2020)

About James K. A. Smith

James K. A. Smith is professor of philosophy at Calvin University and serves as editor in chief of Image journal, a quarterly devoted to “art, mystery, and faith.” Trained as a philosopher with a focus on contemporary French thought, Smith has expanded on that scholarly platform to become an engaged public intellectual and cultural critic. An award-winning author and widely traveled speaker, he has emerged as a thought leader with a unique gift of translation, building bridges between the academy, society, and the church.