A Secular Age: The Seminar

This semester I have the privilege of leading what is informally known in my department as “senior seminar”: a capstone course for our majors that gives us freedom to design a one-off course, usually focused on some aspect of our current research. In the fall semester this is focused on a topic; in the spring on a figure. I’ve been waiting 9 years for the opportunity and this spring I’m teaching PHIL 396: Charles Taylor’s A Secular Age. Those who are interested can take a peek at the syllabus.

As part of the seminar, I’ve created a course blog: asecularage.blogspot.com. My hope is that this will be a space for us to continue our conversations about the book. It will also be a venue for students to share the fruits of independent research on how the rest of Taylor’s corpus is reflected in this magnum opus.

Since we’ll be posting some summaries and engagements with the text as we go along, others might find the site of interest. If everything goes well (no guarantees!), the blog could function as a bit of a reader’s guide to A Secular Age. Comments are open on the blog, so if you’re interested, feel free to join the conversation: it could be a little way for students to have interaction beyond their professor and peers.