Welcome Back, Mr. Hitchens?

It was wonderfully refreshing to actually see Christopher Hitchens offer a critique of the current administration, and in particular, the Defense Department’s propaganda tactics in Iraq. Hitchens has been so busy defending the war in Iraq I was starting to think he was losing his contrarian edge. This piece in Slate is proof that some of the old Hitchens is still lurking inside his DC apartment. I suspect that the Orwellian in him just couldn’t ignore the disturbing echoes of the “Ministry of Truth” in 1984.

[By the way, word on the (blog) street has it that Hitchens’ next book will fill out his critique of religion. Warner Twelve will publish God is Not Great: The Case Against Religion. This should be the perfect foil for a book I’ve got in the works: On Religion: An Open Letter to Christopher Hitchens and Other Cultured Despisers.]