Give a Water Buffalo for Christmas

What to get for that special someone who has everything? How about a water buffalo? Or ducks? Or a mosquito net? Or even a house? Last year while we were in England we bought some gifts for our family through Oxfam: a goat and some ducks as I recall. The “gifts” were then sent to those who really needed them in the developing world.

This year we’re doing the same thing through the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee. The CRWRC has set up a great “gift shop” that allows you to purchase a whole range of things for specific justice missions around the world–including all the suggestions noted above, as well as literacy classes in Haiti, seeds & tools in Sudan, school lunches in Romania, and much more. When you purchase the gift (online), you’ll receive a card that you can shared with your loved one. Our families loved it. Consider doing it this Christmas!