The EQ Test: How Evangelical Are You?

I’ve always secretly enjoyed a genre of humorous, “takes-one-to-know-one,” accounts of evangelical Christianity, such as Patricia Klein’s Just As We Were, or Sweeney’s memoir, Born Again and Again: Surprising Gifts of a Fundamentalist Childhood. So I’m intrigued by the new offering from Joel Kilpatrick’s A Field Guide to Evangelicals and Their Habitat. Kilpatrick’s is a slight departure from the genre, it seems, insofar as the book is written more for “outsiders,” but it clearly displays “insider” knowledge. But this is also a departure insofar as it’s less charitable than Klein or Sweeney: the tone seems to be more along the line of The Simpsons’ Guide to Evangelicalism. Nevertheless, sure to be entertaining.

For a taste, visit the “EQ Test” on the book’s website, designed to help you discern “how evangelical” you are. Classic cases of evangelical shibboleths.