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Think of this newsletter as my way of attending to the world, particularly the world of our making—the artifacts of art and culture. A compendium of things that have not only caught my attention but provoked contemplation. I’ll share what I’ve been listening to, where I’ve been looking, what I’ve been reading and writing, and what I’m learning to love. This newsletter will arrive in your inbox on the first Saturday morning of each month at no costYou can subscribe at




God and the Philosophers

“How does the deity enter into philosophy, not just modern philosophy, but philosophy as such?”

So asked Martin Heidegger in his famous essay on “The Onto-Theo-Logical Constitution of Metaphysics.” From Plato to Derrida, philosophy keeps bumping up against God. This newsletter, in the spirit of Maria Popova’s “Brainpickings,” is a semi-monthly sampler of the way God shows up in philosophy. Each newsletter will focus on one philosopher, and generally one text, highlighting questions of God and religion. We will range and bounce across the history of philosophy: one week we’ll look at Socrates, the next week perhaps Sartre. Your inbox will be a site of philosophical surprise.

This newsletter is for those interested in liberal arts learning for life. It will assume philosophical interest, not philosophical expertise.

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