How to Inhabit Time | TogetherPDX Gospel Gathering
Date: November 8, 2022

Art House Dallas: Being Still in a Noisy World
Date: October 8, 2021

An Evening with James K. A. Smith from Art House Dallas on Vimeo.

Wheatly Institute: How (Not) To Be Secular—Responding To A New Millennium
Date: March 10, 2016

The Trinity Forum: Evening Conversation with James K.A. Smith and Elizabeth Bruenig

The Trinity Forum: Evening Conversation with Dr. Francis Collins and James K.A. Smith

Redeemer CFW: Reforming our Ambition

Wheaton College: You Are What You Love—Genesis 1:1-2:4

Biola University: Taking a Liturgical Audit of Your Life

Regent College: Augustine Our Contemporary—How to Find Yourself

Everything Conference

Fordham Center on Religion and Culture: Cracks in the Secular—James K. A. Smith on His New Book On the Road with Saint Augustine