Quintessence of Dust

I’m not prone to “shout outs,” but I’d like to make an exception to the rule in order to point folks to my biologist colleague Steve Matheson’s excellent blog, “Quintessence of Dust,” devoted primarily to issues in the science/religion dialogue, and particularly (of late) the issues and questions raised by Dawkins, Dennett and their ilk, on the one hand, and the “folk science” of creationism and ‘Intelligent Design’ on the other. He’s doing battle on both fronts in a way that is both irenic and no-holds-barred. He’s currently enjoying a sabbatical (doing research at the Van Andel Institute) which has been a perfect opportunity for him to regularly post thoughtful, engaging entries.

In short, I think Steve’s blog is a model of why the blogosphere should exist. Add it to your feed or bookmarks and enjoy.