Evangelical Cliimate Initiative

I had been pretty disheartened last Saturday by Washington Post story noting that the National Association of Evangelicals would not issue a statement regarding global warming (“climate change” in newspeak). The NAE’s initiative on this was basically derailed by the usual unholy trinity of James Dobson, Chuck Colson, and Richard Land (Al Moehler must have been unavailable for comment).

However, today some more encouraging news: the NYT reports on a ‘renegade’ group of evangelicals issuing a statement on their own. Unfortunately I’ve not yet been able to locate a copy of the “Evangelical Climate Initiative,” but I’m eager to see the list of endorsers.

[Posting this from a fabulous visit to Seattle, lecturing at Northwest University. Deanna has been able to make the trip with me due to the support of wonderful friends. Today we head up to Vancouver for some more lectures at Regent College.]