More Lessons from Bellow: Our Schilder?

Today I conclude my little series on Saul Bellow at The Twelve blog: “The Temptations of Assimilation: Schilder our Bellow?” Here’s where I end up:

“Being Reformed” is too regularly the banner under which we enthusiastically assimilate to the age. “Being Reformed” is the warrant and rationale for our cultural engagement to the point that it becomes a license to have our cake and eat it, too. “Being Reformed” is the badge of our refusal to be fundamentalists or evangelicals or conservatives or “concordists” or what have you, which only gives us permission to happily assimilate to the spirit of the age (there are both “left” and “right” versions of this available).

If we learn anything from Saul Bellow, we might look for continuing education from Klaas Schilder.