Kuyper and DeVos: If this is “transformation”…

My recent piece on Neocalvinism in Comment received some criticism either because (1) I suggested links between what now passes for Neocalvinism and the right-wing, libertarian elements of the Republican party, or (2) because I think that’s a bad thing.

In that light, I find two recent local events almost laughable–if they weren’t also disheartening. First, just a few days ago it was announced that what was formerly “Reformed Bible College” would henceforth be known as Kuyper College. Two days later it was announced that the very first commencement speaker for Kuyper College would be none other than Richard DeVos–co-founder of Amway (now Alticor), author of Compassionate Capitalism, and all-around symbol of the so-called “Reformed” tradition’s baptism of Republican libertarian economics and war-mongering foreign policy.

Every square inch?