A Soundtrack for Hope: A Spotify Playlist for AWAITING THE KING

November 7, 2017

I’m not sure when it started, but in most of my books I like to note the “soundtrack” that accompanied their production–what I was listening… Read more

Thank God for Committees: Contribution to a Reformation Day Panel

October 31, 2017

The Meeter Center for Calvin Studies asked me to be part of a panel reflecting on the legacy of the Reformation. We were each given… Read more

Translation and the Afterlife of Words: A few thoughts on Ruden’s new translation of the Confessions

October 10, 2017

Translations are a bit like music: you attach yourself to what you encountered in your youth. You reify what emerged when you were coming of… Read more

On “orthodox Christianity”: some observations, and a couple of questions

August 4, 2017

What do people mean when they wring their hands about the fate of “orthodox Christianity” (small-o) today, or when they vent about the treatment of… Read more

Mortality and My Library

May 22, 2017

It is the first day of summer, at least according to my own personal academic calendar. The college’s commencement was this past Saturday. My official… Read more

2016: The Year in Reading

December 28, 2016

No “bests.” No rankings. No claims to objectivity or trendsetting or reports from secret avant-garde gardens of literature.  Just some impressions looking back over a… Read more

Sonic Habits: Thoughts on an Advent Hymn

December 5, 2016

When it comes to matters musical, I am a rank amateur–a lover without training or expertise; a listener who knows what he likes; a hearty… Read more

An American Lent

February 10, 2016

“What are you giving up for Lent?”This question tells us a lot about American Christianity. While the question alludes to historic Christian practices of fasting… Read more

Liturgical Lessons from Ryan Adams’ 1989

September 25, 2015

Taylor Swift’s 1989 is often the soundtrack for my morning run. Its pop energy is just what my middle-aged body needs to keep pace. And “Shake… Read more

“Do not be intimidated by the torrent of impiety”

July 15, 2015

In the early reconnaissance stages of a new book on St. Augustine, I’ve been reading his Expositions of the Psalms and came across this striking… Read more

On Fatherless Days

June 20, 2015

In memory of Franz Wright.Father’s Day is easy for me: I have none.  They all left.So I don’t have to find an awkward card amidst… Read more

In Memoriam: Helen Piett

December 21, 2014

As many of you know, I don’t come from a small “town;” I come from a small village.  Embro, Ontario had a population of just… Read more

Comment subscription DEAL: Buy one, get one free! (til Dec. 4)

December 2, 2014

A limited time offer, til December 4, 2014: Buy one subscription to Comment magazine and we’ll give you a second one for free.  Invite a friend… Read more

Responding to a Common Critique of “Who’s Afraid of Relativism?”

November 12, 2014

Eduardo Echeverria has published an article-length critical review of my book, Who’s Afraid of Relativism?, in the latest issue of the Calvin Theological Journal and the editors… Read more

Charles Taylor, Tanya Luhrmann, Margaret Somerville, Alissa Wilkinson & More: All in the next issue of Comment!

September 3, 2014

Subscribe by Friday & get our new issue in the mail PLUS a PDF of the current issue https://t.co/uNVtFoU0PT pic.twitter.com/qg2x4qlqEZ— Comment Magazine (@commentmag) September 3,… Read more

Labor Day Lament: A Poem

August 29, 2014

This “last Friday” of summer has a feel of Fall about it: we’ll head to the first high school football game tonight with sweatshirts to… Read more