Farewell to Generous Orthodoxy’s “Think Tank”

Though signs of its demise have been evident for about a year, I’m sad to say goodbye to one of the better blog experiments I’ve been part of: the Generous Orthodoxy “Think Tank.” Launched by some bright and enterprising graduate students–Steve Bush, Keith Johnson, and Myles Werntz, as I recall–the goal of the blog was to encourage conversation amongst (progressive) evangelicals in theology and ministry. Though many of those who committed to be contributors never did so, those who did participate were thoughtful, creative, and forthright. I found the site to be home to some excellent theological conversations that were generally quite accessible to those outside the narrow realm of theological academe. When it was at its best, I thought Think Tank was a great example of how the blogosphere could really be a space for constructive theological debate that moved the conversation forward. I learned much from it and I’ll miss it. Thanks, guys, for all your good work.

(While most readers of Generous Orthodoxy “Think Tank” will already know about it, I would highly recommend Ben Myers’ “Faith and Theology” blog as an alternative. It is, hands-down, the best theology blog out there.)

While I’ll no longer be able to post at Think Tank, I will be part of a new blog venture being launched by Brian LePort: “Azusa Remixed” will bring together a cadre of pentecostal scholars and practitioners to provide “a compendium of global pentecostal theology, praxis, and history.” The site officially launches on July 14, 2008.