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Praise for the Book

Smith has written an essential guide to social life aimed at his fellow Christians but essential reading for all of his fellow citizens.
—Yuval Levin

With characteristic verve and clarity—as well as honesty and nuance—this climactic volume of Smith’s trilogy offers a broadly Augustinian perspective on public life that takes us beyond genealogy and modernity criticism.
—Eric Gregory

Smith has written a superb book that develops a constructive and nuanced position in the Reformed tradition. . . . This is a book that should be read widely by anyone interested in addressing the fundamental questions of church and politics.
—Stanley Hauerwas

Essential reading for decades to come.
—Kristen Deede Johnson

Awaiting the King is a satisfying final movement in Smith’s Cultural Liturgies symphony and a crucial contribution to the wider conversation in political theology.
—Peter Leithart

With great clarity and cultural insight, Smith sets out an Augustinian-Reformed antidote to the highly polarized forms of politics we see around us today, in which churches—whether on the left or the right—are too often raucous and rancorous participants.
—Luke Bretherton

This final, crowning volume of the Cultural Liturgies project has the potential to profoundly redirect contemporary public theology and practice.
—Hans Boersma

James K. A. Smith’s Awaiting the King is a thoughtful, wise, and provocative book.
—Bruce Riley Ashford