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James K. A. Smith on You Are What You Love (10 Videos)

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Praise for the Book

An important, provocative volume!
—Tim Keller

What do you love? is the most important question of our lives. With his characteristic ease, energy, and insightfulness, Smith explores in this compelling book not only what it is that we should love but also how we can learn to love what we should.
—Miroslav Volf

In this wise and provocative book, Jamie Smith has the audacity to ask the question: Do we love what we think we love? It is not a comfortable question if we strive to answer it honestly. Smith presses us to do so and then shows us the renewed and abundant life that awaits Christians whose habits and practices—whose liturgies of living—work to open our hearts to our God and our neighbors.
—Alan Jacobs

As a means for reimagining the task of discipleship, this book should be required reading for every pastor, lay leader, and parent.
—Jen Pollock Michel

Smith has an exceptional gift for disentangling things. Here again his efforts disentangle our minds and our hearts so our imaginations can be set free to be captured by and reflective of the kingdom of God. In these ways, Smith gives us a profound gift so we can seek and find what we need most.
—Mark Labberton

An inspired teacher, a compelling subject, and you. What are you waiting for?
—John Wilson

This book should be read by every follower of Jesus.
—Sandra McCracken

Smith writes with enormous understanding, authority, and warmth. Masterful!
—Cornelius Plantinga Jr.

‘You Are What You Love’ Discussion Guide